Learn To Stress Less: 50 simple and effective tips for a stress-free life

do you find yourself wanting a quick way to relax or let go of those stressful feelings?

Are you one of the thousands (if not millions) of people who suffer with stress?

If so, do you find yourself wanting a quick way to relax or let go of those stressful feelings?

In this easy-to-read book you will find 50 simple and effective strategies that will help rid you of your feelings of stress and help you relax more.

‘Why so many tips?’ I hear you ask

  • We’re not all the same and different things work for different people
  • This book gives you plenty of choice
  • Each tip has been tried by many people (including the author)
  • And each tip works
  • It’s a matter of which tips work for you in your current circumstances
  • It’s like having a toolkit and using the correct tool for the job in hand

These tips are not complicated, nor do they take a lot of time to input into your life for you to see a difference. And if you input any of them, they will make a difference.

No need to get caught up in your stressful feelings anymore

as with this book you will have 50 effective ways of dealing with them and start to lead a stress-free life!


‘Every so often, a book comes along which is simple yet life changing in its application. This is one such book. Straightforward tips that are easy to put into practice to provide relief from stress.

As a therapist and coach, I have used many of these tips both myself and with clients and it’s a joy to see they are at last available in one, easy to access place.

Whether dipping in and out, or sequentially following each tip week by week, this book provides the reader with the path to a more peaceful, calmer existence and is sure to become a permanent fixture on many bookshelves.

Liz Barrett

Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Off The Bus Therapy