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Leaving Gilead by Robert Crompton

When Melanie rebels against the authoritarian religion of her family, she is cut off and has to make her way in life alone. Only then does she learn about Susan who had broken free a generation earlier. Leaving Gilead is the story of two women’s struggles to build new lives after growing up in a religion that promotes irrational belief and conformity with arbitrary rules above above personal development.
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About the Author

Can’t always make up my mind whether I’m a Lancashire man or a Cheshire man. A bit of both really, I suppose. Work and education have taken me to Scotland, Cambridge, County Durham, Yorkshire and South Wales. I’m living now in Cardiff.

Writing has been part of my life for many years and I’ve published non-fiction. (You’ll find my previous self out there in Amazon.) I’ve recently completed a novel, Bunderlin, and am well into my second. Can’t imagine going back to non-fiction now.

Since writing the above I have finished that second novel. It is now published on Kindle as Leaving Gilead. And now I am starting a third with the working title – which is sure to change in due course – Whitaker’s Basin.

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