Finding himself on the backwater world of Red Rock, Mason Lecroix struggles with the memory of his lost love Catherine while hunting down two escaped fugitives. Adding to his troubles, is a corrupt Governor Valentine and his Head of Security. With a bounty on his head from Valentine, Lecroix must fight through more than just his tormented memories in order to find the men he’s hunting. The troubles only keeping coming when he finds himself embroiled in a battle for the lives of a ship load of slaves.
Between Valentine, the Head of Security, and a group of slave hunting mercenaries, Lecroix has his back up against a wall. If he survives, the consequences could change the fate of the planet for years to come. It is a story packed full of action and adventure from the first page to the last.
(LECROIX is written in a blend of the old western classics and the new western series (Louis L’Amour, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Dean F. Wilson, James Garner, Gary Cooper and also the series Justified and Longmire.)
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Kym LaFever

Amazing story that really draws you in. I’m not usually a fan of this genre but I absolutely loved it!!! Highly recommend!

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Author, veteran, and all around cowboy. I write sci-fi westerns and have a great son and good ex-wife.

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