In his exciting and poignant second novel, Mark Eric tackles the intricate fabric and issues that surround America’s Black Men in a way few have dared. Legacy weaves through the various journeys of eight Black Men in their quest to protect and build their own legacies. Each must His face hard truth and bitter consequences.

Charlie, a spoiled teenager from the suburbs, sees the world as a playground until a poor decision brings him face to face with men that he can’t manipulate.

Browning, the absent father and hardworking District Attorney, does his best to be the father he never had.

Stony, forced to drop out of college, struggles to maintain his sanity while running a criminal empire in the rubble of Youngstown, Ohio.

Frank, the leader of a brutal gang, launches a war that rips apart families and threatens to destroy a city already struggling to survive.

Wolf, once the star athlete meant for the bright lights, viciously battles for every dollar, every corner, every life under his protection.

Florida, the savvy information broker, navigates the touchy intricacies of the East Coast’s most influential urban network.

Seth, an elder statesman of Harlem’s criminal underworld now a pillar of the community, must do his best not to let his past destroy everything he’s built.

Paulie, a cold-blooded killer and Seth’s best friend.

Who will reject their legacy? Who will embraces theirs? And who must fight and sacrifice everything they have or risk losing the most important legacy of all…each other?
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