Legends of Ahora

by – McKinley Yates (Author)

Descent of the new king

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Book Description:

Legends of Ahora: Descent of the new king is the first installment in the Legends of Ahora series. It follows the young Adam Avernus through a world wrought with darkness and misery, especially for his people, the pale ones. Adam will have to combat powerful forces using the dark magics that come natural to him, all while living beneath the nose of the Archmage, the most powerful being in the world, champion of the new gods themselves. Witness as Adam uncovers ancient secrets, makes tenuous alliances to survive, and finally gains the power to fight back against those who oppress his race.

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About the Author: McKinley Yates

Heya all three people that will care about my page! I’m McKinley, nice to meet you. Been keenly interested in a good story since early childhood, like many of you I’m sure. One day, while working in the salt mines of dystopian Orlando FL, I’d had enough! Too many times had I listened to my mother talk about how we could write a great story, so I had to give it my best shot. After 6 years of toiling I brought the Legends of Ahora to life, the first installment of which is Descent of the new king. I truly hope to challenge my reader’s ideas of good and evil. I want people to read to the end, only to ask themselves “am I the baddie?”

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