A quiet Texas rural community. An Army veteran returning home. And murder to be discovered on an almost daily basis.

Lenny has stared death in the face many times, from the jungles of Thailand & Vietnam to the mountain passes of Afghanistan.Now after a career of service he’s back in his hometown of Ballard, Texas looking for what comes next.Sheriff Greene knows an asset when he sees one and it’s not long before he signs Lenny up as his new deputy in the fight against the narcotics cartel that has over-run their quiet border town.20 years in the army have taught Lenny never to underestimate the things people are capable of but as the bullets begin to fly and the casualties begin to mount it’s just possible that his investigation may bring him closer to home than he ever expected.Praise for B.R. Stateham“Cooler than a fridge full of beer…”“This is modern noir at its very best…”“B.R. Stateham is at the top of his game right now…”“Lenny may be the best thing B.R. Stateham has ever written, and as readers of his work will know, that’s quite a high bar to hit.”“B.R. Stateham has created an action packed tale – another winner from Fahrenheit Thirteen…”