Let There Be Light – a true story by Karolina Robinson

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From Karolina Robinson, Winner of the Centre of Excellence Awards 2017 – Creative Writing…
On one of those magically white winters nights, my mother took me in her arms and shut the doors behind her.
We left my drunken father in the name of a better life. And the name of that better life was Tom, a local gangster with the face of the devil himself.
The next thing I saw was my mother’s bloody face bashed into the ground and teeth scattered around her lifeless body.
I looked at him and thought to myself – PLEASE, DON’T KILL ME.

“The intensity, the drama and harsh reality will leave you gasping.”

This story has haunted me all of my life, through the daily flashbacks and nightmares.
It has taken me some time to build up the courage to let this story out of my heart.
And now, with every single word I can live free.
– Karolina –
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“I’m proud of the author:)”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Girish

i really wanna appreciate the author how she managed to fight back and i really felt sorry for her to see her struggle so hard .but it was quite amazing tht she did find a way in her life .i am really happy for you .reading this book encouraged me in many ways .I’m 14 years old and reading your life story relly made me think about life .we dont decide your life fate does.