51JqL8wYpXL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Jennie Connors, Activities Director of Riverview Manor, has been promoted out of the job she loves. But there’s one thing she wants to do before she steps up to her new position: Jake Appleton, known among the other residents as Sour Appleton, needs to be integrated into the retirement community’s social life. It won’t be easy.

Jake spends his days alone, staring out the window and mumbling that the world is full of crooks. Has he witnessed wrongdoing in the construction project going on outside his window? Or is he looking back over his own life? Jake’s not telling; he shares his thoughts only in his journal.

Jennie doesn’t give up – and, finally, one morning Jake surprises her. He taps the journal, tells her “it’s all in here” and agrees to talk to her later that afternoon. But someone else gets there first. She finds Jake with a bullet in his head. The journal is gone−and Jennie is determined to find it and solve the puzzle of a lonely old man and restore peace of mind to the residents she loves.

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A mystery for those who like subtle nuances”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Beate Boeker

I love the Jennie Connors mysteries because they are mysteries in the true sense of the word: you get a puzzle, and you have to solve it by reading carefully and paying attention to the subtle nuances. The characters are drawn with much love for detail and a fine eye for human weaknesses, but also with a general affection for just those weaknesses. I love the quirky characters, the amazing people at the retirement community, the family feelings, and the way Jennie tries to be fair to everyone, but doesn’t always manage. I didn’t want to leave Jennie’s world and am very much looking forward to the next book in the series!

About the Author

Sandra Carey Cody was born and grew up in the Midwest (the St. Louis area). She attended Washington University, met the love of her life when she cut an algebra class to go ice skating, married him not too long after that, and has since lived in various cities in different parts of the country. Wherever she’s gone, books have the bridge to her new community and new friends.

She is the author of the Jennie Connors mystery series. The most recent entry in the series is Left at Oz, a prequel to Put Out the Light, Consider the Lilly and By Whose Hand, all of which are currently available in book stores and libraries. The Jennie Connors books take place in a retirement community where the residents are mobile, alert, and just bored enough to welcome a little excitement in their lives. If this involves helping Activities Director Jennie solve the occasional murder … well, that’s a lot more fun than bingo. In addition, the books explore the challenges facing a young mother as she learns to balance independence with family and career responsibilities.

Love and Not Destroy is a traditional mystery set in a museum of tools and folk art in a small town near Philadelphia. Peace Morrow is a young woman trying to learn the identity of a homeless man murdered on museum grounds, a quest that quickly becomes entangled with her own search for family roots. It is available in print and as an ebook.

A Perfect Wedding and Beyond the Fairy Light are both trios of short stories about the bump and jostle of day-to-day life in a family. More Than Words Can Say is a short romance. All are available available for your Kindle.

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