Lethal Paradise

He is bent on murdering an entire population of poor islanders for personal gain.
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Book Description:

Hope Allred is a brilliant, intrepid, compassionate, and strong willed African-American physician. She doesn’t need a man to get by. But, when her on again, off again boyfriend, Clive Andrew, contacts her from a Caribbean tropical paradise, with a plea for help, painting a picture of thousands in jeopardy, she feels compelled to go to his aid. On arrival she encounters and bonds with the poor people of the island. Willing to defy authority for the sake of the disenfranchised, Hope takes on the malevolent island dictator, Anton Dubois and his private army. He is bent on murdering an entire population of poor islanders for personal gain. Hope has to battle overwhelming odds to prevent the most heinous act of mass murder since Adolph Hitler.

I think the summary for “Lethal Paradise” does the book a disservice, so here I’d try to help out in the way I can. In one sentence I would sum this up, and that would be: What is the use of having a finely written book, if the blurb does not explicitly state so? In Lethal Paradise, (presently do not know about the author’s other books) , Thornton is good, he’s very good, he’s so good, I feel I would be wasting my time writing a review on this book. I do read lots of books that step out of the norm (Aetherstorm, The Predator and the Psychopath, I’m referring to you), so it posed a refresher to have a book, whose plot is quite the norm. The plot is well-grounded, character development is sound, dialogue aptly directs the course of events as they unfold, without any sub-plot left hanging; Lethal Paradise is a well-compiled book. One of the few books I’ve come across, where there’s a detour at the end of every alley. The plot is rich, it is really rich, and unlike some authors who write “as the story develops”, with Lethal Paradise, all information included is well-thought out, prior to inclusion. Without any doubt, the author’s earned the right to teach a course on assembling a formidable plot, and would represent a good reference on the art of keeping the reader engaged, up until the final page.

-- Tony

How to describe the protagonist, Hope Allred, in this book: Fearless, determined, and unconquerable! I rarely come across a well-done story like this where the amazon is an African American. Hope Allred is a physician that believes in the saying that everyone is an architect of his/her destiny. Determined to use her medical to make the world a better place, she heads to the Caribbean tropical paradise to help the poor people there. But her good gestures are rebuffed by the malevolent island dictator, Anton Dubois and his private army. Hope’s unrelenting efforts save the poor islanders from dictatorial massacre of a grand scale, which could have been bigger than Adolph Hitler’s World War II killings. A well-written book with believable tempo!

-- Jerry Olasakinju

About the Author ▸ Robert Thornton

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, I have lived in the South, except for a stint in the U. S. Coast Guard, all of my life. I’m a retired physician who specialized in Family Medicine. For me reading and writing has been a lifelong love. Based on that love, I wrote a novel, entitled FATAL IMPACT. My second novel, THE PERIL PROTOCOL, tells the story of Hope Allerd, M.D., a brilliant physician who begins work under the mercurial Dr. Francis Peril. But, things go terribly wrong when a reporter shows up claiming Peril is the most horrific serial killer since Jack the Ripper. Check it out. I’m happy to announce that my third novel, LETHAL PARADISE, is now published. It continues the story of Hope Allerd. She becomes involved in a conflict with the dictator of a tropical paradise and risks everything to prevent the worse case of genocide since Adolf Hitler.