Lies Lead to Death 

by – Stephen W. Briggs (Author)

 (Family of Killers) 

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Book Description:

David Grant wakes to find himself in the hold of a ship, beaten and strapped to a chair. The Family, David’s name for his underground business, are searching for him. Igor Volkov, a business rival and an old colleague of The Family, ambushed David in Venezuela and wants to deliver him to the new, ruthless Russian Mafia, hoping to win their favor.

Now, many underground organizations see The Family as vulnerable. Jobs awarded to The Family are being interfered with by rivals stealing shipments of weapons, stopping assassinations, and capturing people who can reveal many of The Family’s secrets.

The Family’s government contact, Peter Thompson, reveals he has moles within his ranks. The traitors are circulating documents that expose secrets the government and The Family never wanted released. Peter contracts The Family to eradicate his defiant employees before they release further information to saboteurs who use the intelligence to destroy the government’s integrity, and The Family’s involvement with classified operations.

The Family must go on the offensive to stop the onslaught of attacks from friends and foes while internally struggling to stay relevant in a world of new technology, procedures, and a merciless way of doing business.

Reviews for the Book

"A professional assassin with an impressive reputation is the driving force of this action-packed sequel." -Sublime Book Review
"...starts with the roller coaster at the top, drops immediately and never stops, with more twists and turns than you can imagine." -Bill Schweitzer, author of Doves in a Tempest and Diary of a Dead Girl
"Author Stephen W. Briggs never lets up in this gripping crime epic that delivers punch after punch. Get this book and grab a hold of this relentless and violent ride that once again scans the globe with a riveting plot that never lets up!" -Dale Ward, author of Killing the Butterfly
"Lies Lead to Death begins explosively in the rusty hold of a cargo ship and the action never stops. Careening around the world, the body count grows as this out-of-control train builds more and more momentum. The shattering climax not only pulls everything together, it also sets the stage for more action from The Family." -Jefferson R. Blackburn-Smith, author of Love
"Briggs brings the action and doubles the intrigue as David and The Family gear up again, not long after their patriarch's assassination. ...keeps your eyes glued and the pages turning." -Ken Harris, retired FBI and author of the From the Case Files of Steve Rockfish series
"Filled with adrenaline, intrigue, and adventure, the punches don't stop coming until the final page." -Brooke French, author of Inhuman Acts
"Lies Lead to Death is a spellbinding novel that will leave you wondering if such an undercover world really exists. It seems impossible, but then again, anything is possible in the world of political gain." -LeeAnne James, author of Justice for Loretta

About the Author: Stephen W. Briggs

Stephen is an Associate Director of Utilities at a university in Southern Ontario. A plumber by trade, he enjoys making sour dough bread and walks with his wife and dogs.

His one addiction is cycling, something he does regularly. He has been told that owns too many bikes, that is a matter of opinion, mainly his family’s. The longer the ride the better for Stephen. He uses the time to create new story lines, develop his characters or listen to podcasts.

Born in Northern Ireland, and raised in Canada, Stephen is married and the father of two, twenty something boys.

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