by – Kevin B DiBacco (Author)

Life after turning 50! 

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Turning 50 can feel daunting. Your body starts changing, your priorities shift, and society expects you to act a certain way. But what if there was a guide to help you navigate this transition and make the most of your 50s? That’s exactly what Kevin B. DiBacco provides with his new book ‘Life Field Manual.’

As a talented author, filmmaker, and self-proclaimed Life Warrior, DiBacco draws on his extensive experience to offer practical tips and wisdom for thriving in your 50s. He covers everything from managing your health and finances to nurturing relationships and finding new purpose.

DiBacco writes in an engaging, conversational tone, making the advice feel like it’s coming from a trusted friend. He combines research-backed recommendations with plenty of entertaining anecdotes from his own life, so readers learn while also staying entertained.

While society might expect you to slow down after 50, DiBacco shows you how to ramp up and squeeze the most out of these vital years. With ‘Life Field Manual,’ you can conquer your 50s with confidence, optimism, and a revitalized zest for life. So don’t just survive your 50s—thrive in them with this must-have guide from an expert who has lived it.

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About the Author: Kevin B DiBacco

Kevin’s journey has been marked by numerous challenges from a young age. By the time he reached 23, he had already undergone six knee operations and a major back surgery, demonstrating his resilience in the face of adversity.

However, it was during his military service as an Air Force Security Marksman that a devastating injury occurred, leading to a significant turning point in Kevin’s life. This injury opened the door for him to pursue a new career in Film & Television Production. As a Disabled Veteran, he encountered fresh hurdles to overcome, but undeterred, he pressed on, determined to make his mark as a producer/director.

Despite facing a second back surgery that delayed his first feature film, Kevin remained steadfast in his pursuit. But the biggest setback was yet to come – Brain Surgery in 2011 threatened to shatter his filmmaking dream. Yet, Kevin’s spirit was unyielding, and he refused to give up.

The essence of this book lies in the message of never quitting and persistently pursuing one’s dreams. Kevin’s story showcases unparalleled persistence and tenacity in the quest for success.

This book is not your typical guide to filmmaking or art; it’s a gripping tale of one man’s unwavering dedication to achieving his dream. Battling through numerous setbacks, Kevin shares his journey of survival and determination as he navigates the challenges life throws his way.

“The ‘Real World’ Guide to Digital Filmmaking” is an extraordinary blend of a reference manual and a biography, providing valuable insights into the world of digital filmmaking.

Kevin DiBacco is a globally acclaimed Director/Author/Consultant with a remarkable career spanning 37 years. His expertise lies in creating complex, innovative, Non-Hollywood feature films, which have reached audiences in an impressive 187 countries.

From the late 70s to the present day, Kevin has evolved alongside advancements in film and video production, mastering the transition from motion picture film to HD digital equipment. His portfolio includes directing music videos for major record labels, esteemed recording artists, and renowned broadcasters such as ABC, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Bio Channel, MTV, NBC, and ABC.

With over 500+ professional film & video productions, 600 broadcast television commercials, 20 music videos (4 on MTV), 5 documentaries, and 5 globally released feature films, Kevin’s achievements are a testament to his skill and dedication. All his films have been successful, generating profits, and he is eager to share his knowledge on how to “MAKE MONEY MAKING MOVIES.”

Beyond his filmmaking prowess, Kevin adds professional author to his impressive resume, having sold his first manuscript, “The Real World Guide to Digital Filmmaking.” More literary works like “HYSOMETRICS,” “The Artist Tool Kit,” and “Hold The Power” are on the horizon.

For more information about Kevin B DiBacco and his works, visit his website, kevin dibacco dot com.

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