Life in a Northern Town takes the reader on a trip down Nostalgia Lane and veers off, at times, to move in and out of all its nooks and crannies, creeks and fields, metes and bounds, longitudes and latitudes to discover—and be saturated in—the joy of its peripheral travels. The author lingers for mere minutes at a time before moving on to a continuous tour where the rich textured anecdotes dynamically coat the broad paintings that capture your attention with sometimes poignant and sentimental, but mostly inherently entertaining grains along the way. Another turn, another divergent, but amusing surprise. He presents that box of chocolates with him in a roulette-shaped interior with an inordinate amount of selections that offer a variety of innards and consistencies, a number of them with an extraordinary supply of nuts. All are delectable in their own right. So enjoy them while you’re looking around at all that stuff. Intentional is it’s sectional . . . perfect bathroom—reading friendly passages that allow for less commitment and advantage of that variable pace, not to mention a 100 proof shot of delight. PG Family–Friendly Approved.

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“A delightful read”

Five Star Review on Amazon By TJHill

Even if you don’t know Jack, you will enjoy this book. It’s especially entertaining to me, because I grew up in that very same “small town”. Tell all your Yooper friends to hurry and get this book, and make sure you read it, too! It’s well worth it. This book is funny, poignant, quirky, and true!

About the Author

Jack Hart lived the richest life in the poorest community, found the warmest of days in the coldest of seasons, experienced the healing of comedy under the sting of misfortune, and, in all, discovered the favors and unexpected pleasures bestowed from big worlds in small places.

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