41tw2VjIHfL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_My Life For Her is a story about a Vietnam veteran who becomes a small town cop. Everything is peaceful in his sleepy little town until in the blink of an eye, Rob finds himself in the struggle of his life. This book is not only an action-packed thriller, it is also a story of love, undying faith, drama and humanity. The new second edition is full of new exciting new details that add to the adventure.
Could you journey into the evil of this world, not knowing?
Life is unpredictable! How far would you go?

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“Thrill Ride Through a Nightmare!’

Five Star Review on Amazon By W.H. McDonald Jr.

Robert J. Saniscalcni’s newest book “My Life, For Her” is an action packed and emotionally loaded weapon that will explode into the reader’s mind and heart. It starts slowly and then it becomes a never-ending thrill ride that takes the reader to places within their own psyche that is as uncomfortable as a real-life nightmare! No one ever wants to see his or her own family in danger. This is truly one of those moving stories where you become the hero in your own mind as you follow along from page to page waiting for our veteran/cop hero to terminate the bad guys and rescue his family.

The book is all that you could ask for in any adventure tale; it is exciting, suspenseful, and above all–moving. This is a story that comes at you like a bullet with your name on it! A book you will not soon forget!

About the Author

Hello! Thanks for stopping by to peek at my books,I hope you enjoy my stories.
My name is Robert James Saniscalchi. I was born in Newark, New Jersey,and I am from a big Italian family. I am married, and reside in Berks,PA
I am am author/writer and reader of the known and unknown. I have a passion for using my imagination and writing fictional stories. Even though I write fiction, there is a lot of research involved. I like to link my stories to something that relates to our history or current events. I am the author of the critically acclaimed books- Bullets and Bandages, and the fictional thriller-My Life,For Her. The new expanded editions of these novels are available on Amazon/Create-Space and Kindle. I also published two short stories online at Amazon/Shorts. I am also an avid reader, “There is nothing like the comfort of a good book in hand.”

I am a member of the online writing and reading communities Urbis, Booktown, Gather, Goodreads, Books-In-Sync, Shelfari, and various other writing and reading Communities. I invite you to visit my author’s webpage at http://robertjbooks.com
I have published several articles for Booksinsync’s Cold Coffee magazine. I am piecing together another thriller “Freedoms’ Light”

I loves anything in the great outdoors. When on holiday, I enjoy traveling to warm sunny places and snorkeling off the beach. My favorite part about writing is when the thoughts come and the words flow allowing the reader to see–feel the story.

I enjoy reading Military History, Thrillers, Drama, Action/Adventure and of course we must add Sci-Fi.

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