This is a wonderful story of a boy who grows up
on Martha’s Vineyard, learning the ways of a fisherman
and the fight to survive as he learns the crawls
and bounty of the sea on the waters of the Cape.
The story starts with a man’s tale of going fishing
for yellowfin tuna off the Nantucket Sound with
his old friends and his grandson for five days. The
author, Peter Tucker, has done a wonderful job describing
what could have been the way of life for a
family on Martha’s Vineyard in the very hard days as
the island started to become the island it is today.
Peter Tucker grew up in upstate New York,
and as a boy he always enjoyed visiting the coast
with his family. He has always dreamed of writing
books. He started fulfilling his dream in 2009 when
he wrote his children’s book “Pumpkin Bunch.”
He then wrote his cookbook “Cooking With Papa
Tuck.” Peter then started a cooking show of the
same name that airs all over the United States on
public-access TV. Peter also wrote a wonderful
novel called “The Outlaw Deer Hunter.” Peter’s
agent then asked him to write a book of the sea. So
Peter wrote “Life With A Fisherman,” a great tale
that takes place on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.
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