jamesFictional Crime Thriller – How To Steal A Golf Course

Civil Fraud In A Small Business

For fifteen years head golf pro J Dub Schroeder ran a golf course for his elderly partner. When it was time to purchase the business he found that he was the unknowing accomplice in the swindle of an estate. Furthermore he discovers that his partner had been skimming profits for years. When the IRS comes knocking he is thrown into a criminal investigation that jeopardizes his ability to purchase the business.

J Dub is thrown into a civil justice system that is lengthy and costly to protect the interests of his family. His ruthless adversary aligns himself with a dishonest attorney, a deceitful accountant, and a corrupt politician to derail the government investigation and IRS audit. No one seems to penetrate the walls of the isolated fortress until J Dub risks it all to fight for what is his.

White-collar crime. Do you stand a chance?

The Swindle of an Estate

To cover up a crime Lewferd E. Zerrman aligns himself with an unethical lawyer, a deceitful accountant, a corrupt politician, and the untrustworthy owner of a title company. The group knowingly forges the signature of a wealthy widow. The lifetime journey of a liar, cheat, and fraud begins.

In pursuit of greed Lew recruits a young golf pro to be his partner. For fifteen years he manipulates the books, steals cash from the business, and is a daily nuisance to the customers. When it is time to turn over the keys the IRS comes knocking wanting to know about accounting improprieties. At the direction of an overzealous female US Attorney two investigators from the Criminal Investigative Division of the IRS hound the band of criminals.

To protect his family J Dub does what he has to do in a civil courtroom to protect the interests of his family. Who said real life was anything like the “gentleman’s game?”

A Character-Based Legal Thriller

Be ready for a back and forth legal thriller that delves into the lives of a scam artist crook and his victim. Unfamiliarity about golf forces Lewferd E. Zerrman to recruit a rube, head golf professional J Dub Schoeder, to pull off the heist. For fifteen years the self-serving antics of a pathetic manipulator demand attention.

However two criminal investigators barge onto the scene asking questions about accounting irregularities. Their chief informant is none other than the minority business partner. Not only is J Dub forced to answer questions about the business, but he learns that he was the unknowing participant in the land swindle of an estate.

Be prepared for a roller coaster ride of up-and-downs as the story details the actions of a white-collar thief and his victim.

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” Unique Intrigue”

Ross does a great job in this book developing each of the characters. Here are the best :
– J Dub and his quest to have the best golf course (Prairie Winds) in Southern Illinois against all odds.
– The sadistic Lew and his endless greed with brainless habits and always wanting the edge.
– Special Agent Booker who takes on the challenge.
– The lawyer and retired Judge, Dominic Miles, and his rise to the occasion.
– J Dub’s wife, Marcia, and her faith in her man.
Many others surface throughout the story that are diverse and add to the intrigue. Ross also integrates both Estate
and Criminal law throughout and gives a real insight into the Missouri and Illinois an Federal legal system with
the maneuvering necessary through the Circuit and Appellate courts. He demonstrates an ability to present
legal entanglements that become a key element of the story without boring the reader. All in all, it was a unique
approach and keeps the reader captivated chapter to chapter. Hat’s off to Ross for this one.

Five Star Review on Amazon by Joan Sonderen


About the Author

It took a lot of living to have a compelling story. Once the words were put on paper the fingers worked non-stop. Then a funny thing happened. The characters had another story to tell. And another. And another. Well, you get the picture.

The setting is Prairie Winds Golf Course. The site sits high atop the Mississippi river bluffs just east of St. Louis and 90 miles south of Hannibal, MO the birthplace of Mark Twain, a distant relative.

My newest novel, Shari’s Shot, was released in 2015. Threatening texts and a lover’s triangle muddy up a high society divorce. When a body is found in a commuter parking lot a detective duo is determined to find out who was the killer.

The first novel, Lifetime Loser, was published in 2007. An unethical businessman swindles an estate. The IRS opens a criminal investigation. Caught in the middle is a young golf pro who becomes the victim of civil fraud.

Stories that attack social issues and delve into Midwestern life continued. Finish Line (2008) was begun before the first book was completed. It involves a cancer victim and two adolescent boys.

Drawing inspiration from the characters, the third book, Tuey’s Course, was released in January 2009. Lovers of satire and dialect appreciate this effort about an impoverished minority businessman who battles politics at City Hall.

Opur’s Blade (2010) gives hope to anyone facing long odds to succeed. In this story a gifted prodigy overcomes family strife, a clouded future and a whirlwind romance to reach the pinnacle of golf’s grandest stage.

Pabby’s Score was released in 2011. It takes on autism, dementia and Internet dating as well as the US justice system. Add thoroughbred racing, Native American customs and a secret law society to read the twists and turns in this dramatic page turner.

With the use of dialogue and dialect the characters come alive. Enjoy the commentary on social issues and the opinions on controversial topics. The eclectic cast has no boundaries and hail from all corners of the earth. Try a story or two and join the growing list of readers!

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