This unique collection of short stories explores many of the paradoxes of human nature and points out that no one is all good or all evil. Each story carries reflections of the light and shadow that exist within each one of us.

David Mokotoff is retired from a private practice in cardiology and this collection of story stories draws upon his medical background and touches upon aspects of his life and interests. David is author of The Moose’s Children: A Memoir of Betrayal, Death and Survival, plus many articles and blogs.

“An intriguing mixture of archetypal nuisances in Light & Dark, as the concept plays out in everyday life. David Mokotoff weaves a provocative thread throughout his short story collection–both edgy and surreal. After reading the first story, you will want to read them all.”

–Lynda Lippman-Lockhart, author of The Laundry Room


“Although I have no say in the matter, I will soon be reborn. Again, it is not of my choosing but I have heard the talk. I am not sure of the exact date or what it will feel like, but I sense that it will be soon.”

–From “The Chair”

“The only thing he could see was black–not a color, but the absence of all light. They had lied to him. He remembered all the stories of near–death victims who saw a tunnel with brilliant white light at the end.”

–From “Light”
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“The author has a great sense of story and plotting”

Five Star Review on Amazon By John M. Fox

The author has a great sense of story and plotting. The characters are addicting and keep you wanting to read more. I would highly recommend this book!

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