61eAOapYVYL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_~*LIGHT WARRIOR CHRONICLES*~ Box Set
Abandoned and left to Fate, Chasedy Polari must discover what is expected of her. She was trained from the young age of two to use weapons and hand to hand combat. Along the way she has acquired abilities that leaves her skills so far unchallenged. She still has no idea what Fate has in store for her, though she is aware that her kind do not live once their mission is complete.
Jax, Travis, Kale and other guardians are trying to help, but for some reason they keep losing track of the precious one they are supposed to guard. Jax is not happy when he is told he must help Chasedy find her mate. He is especially unhappy when the lord of the Dark Realm hovers over her. Families are being violently slaughtered. Fear and panic rise. Not only must Chase find her way, but murders increase and she must find a way to stop them. And, she must also decide if she should choose the fate of the world or Jax. Mating with Jaxon McKnight could mean a death sentence for Chasedy.
~A Master Surprise~
Kaci has no clue what she is. However, she is tormented and often referred to as a freak of nature because she loves and communicates with beasts. Even her own mother said, “You’re a , , , little freak.”
She doesn’t trust Marc. Her parents may have sent him.
Marc wants more, but he doesn’t trust Kaci. He and his head of security believe she is out to kidnap him just as a beautiful woman he trusted five years ago did. And, it nearly cost him his life. Marc must watch out for his pack’s safety as well as his own when it involves a stranger. Especially when that stranger can communicate with animals and control powerful storms.
Marc’s pack is in awe of Kaci. What will happen if a Alpha Wolf shifter and a Beast Master mate? Who will be in control?
~Warriors Descend~
Just when he is getting used to the idea that he is a Faey Prince – though only a half blood; he discovers he must journey to the underworld to find his friend’s mate, the King of Shifters.
Queen Shanikia of the faey realm, is not about to let her son, Jordan Kale descend to the underground without warrior skills. He has always been docile. He hates violence. However, this time he has no choice but to learn how to protect himself violently before he can find Jax. So, she orders her full blood faey son, Prince Larin to train him. She is concerned the brutal training may crush his spirit. But, it must be done.
He’s not used to getting his hands dirty, but it looks as though he is going to get a lot more than his hands dirty – possibly even his soul. Where he is going, battle is not engaged with guns. It’s survival of a whole new degree for Jordan Kale Montgomery.
The mythological creatures in the underground are deadly. Kale will have no faey abilities in the underground. Thankfully at the last moment Aristione De Luca, the King of the Dark Realm volunteered to go with him to watch his back. But he will have none of his abilities in the underground either. If one or both of them die there, they stay there for eternity. And, nobody wants to get that close to Hell without a chance. So, neither man can take his body if he wants a chance at survival. Would you risk your soul for a friend?

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“I loved ever moment of the story as I experienced it …”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Theresa Botkin

From The moment I first opened the book I was drawn in and captivated buy the characters. I loved ever moment of the story as I experienced it through the characters eyes and emotion. i would recommend to any one who needs a change in their every day predictable reading..

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I want to say THANK YOU so much for reading my books. You make writing worth all the rest that goes with it. You rock. However, I would appreciate reviews when you are finished reading. Hugs and again, THANK YOU> YOU ROCK.
Juellen Nelson comes from a large family. She is married with three grown children and two grandchildren. She retired in Idaho with her husband. She loves to read and has a large collection of books. She is a major fan of Regency and Medieval Romance as well as science fiction and urban fantasy. She also loves to write. With her endless imagination she decided to write and share her stories with others. She often recruits her grandson, Rheynan to write the fight scenes.

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