Lily… The story of a young female nudist

by – Ted Levis (Author)

An insight into the world of a beautiful, 23-year old lady, striving to live a life without clothes (Lily’s Nudism) 

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Book Description:

Lily… the story of a young female nudist is an insight into the world of a beautiful, 23-year-old lady, striving to live a life without clothes. With a social media following of more than 70,000 Lily is already building a large network of like-minded, freedom seeking fans.

This light hearted and easy to read (but hard to put down) book, brings together the eroticism of 50 shades of gray, and combines it with an informative and real-life look at the nudist lifestyle.
Join Lily on a summer of freedom, fun and erotica, as she forges new relationships, recites her earliest nudist memories, and considers the positive impact she can have on the lifestyle that she loves.
Told primarily through the eyes of her partner, this story is an honest tale of her summer. From a nudist beach in southern England, to the hedonism and sexual freedom of Cap d’Agde in southern France. Lily’s journey will excite, educate, and enlighten seasoned, and wannabe nudists alike.

Lily… The story of a young female nudist gives the reader a factual insight into life inside the nudist lifestyle. Enjoy Lily’s memories from her time in Valalta, Croatia. A booming naturist resort on the beautiful Adriatic coastline. Read about her adventures with her 3 girlfriends in this paradise when she was 17. Did they manage to achieve their mission of spending the entire holiday completely naked? How were they received when the 4 of them went on a public, non-nudist boat trip, but remained nude themselves?
Lily promotes a healthy and body positive stance. She enjoys describing her friends and people she meets in detail, but remains respectful and non-judgemental in her observations, just like the lifestyle she adores, encourages.
“We follow Sofia down the steep slope towards the harbour. I can see the glistening blue Adriatic Sea in front of us, and the sight of this makes me even more excited and happy for the week we are about to enjoy.
‘Slow down babe!’ I shout, as Sofia begins to surge ahead.
‘We’re not wearing trainers like you, hun!’ Julia adds.
Sofia spins around to face us and whilst slowly walking backwards replies,
‘Sorry ladies, I’m just so excited to show you girls this place.’
As she turns and shuffles back, her small and pert breasts bounce freely. Slightly larger than mine, but clearly smaller than Julia’s, Sofia doesn’t actually know her breast size, as she claims to have never worn a bra!
Yes, we do talk in depth about this kind of thing, even naturist girls discuss boobs and bodies with each other!
Despite this revelation, her boobs hold their shape well, sitting upon her slender frame. Like Julia and I, my eighteen- year old friend, has opted for a clean-shaven intimate area. Her look is completed with a large green belly pendant that dangles from her naval piercing, the shape of which acts like an arrow, pointing directly down towards her clitoral hood. As she walks the pendant jiggles and bounces around, against her flat, toned lower tummy.”

Lily is a free soul. She oozes self-confidence and sexuality. There are moments in her journey that are beautiful, moments that are innocent, but also moments that are just a little on the naughty side!

Reviews for the Book

Lily's and Ted's stories really depict better than anything I've read the joys of being confident and happy in your body. We are given only one body in our lifetime. Why not enjoy how beautiful and alive we are in the fullest way possible? And while naturism isn't about sexuality, their stories remind us that we are all sexual beings, just as we all eat and sleep. Thank you for a work that I hope inspires many more to strip down and enjoy that exhilarating freedom of being naked.
 - Greg Young