517aOCzta3L._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_The Unbroken Bonds Series – Annie’s Story

Annie and her friends leave Ireland in 1926 young and optimistic, hoping to find a better life in Liverpool. Only things do not turn out the way they had imagined.

Annie falls in love, marries and starts a family of her own. But with the onset of World War Two comes tragedy and loss, testing Annie’s strength to the limit.

Little does she realise that the salvation of her loved ones lies partly with a German woman named Hilde, whose life and situation mirrors Annie’s own.

Liverpool Connection is the second book of a trilogy and is based on a true story. The first book, The Night I Danced with Rommel, tells Hilde’s story. The books are historical novels based on facts and tell the writer’s family history.

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“A truly wonderful read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Beverly Clark

This was a great story.  I liked the friendship between Flo, Annie and Kiernan.  More than a few times Kiernan’s antics made me grin.  The author definitely crafted a perfect synergy between the three characters.

About the Author

Elisabeth was born in Germany not long after the end of WWII. Her Mother Hilde, a German war widow met Elisabeth English father when her hometown was declared to be in the British Zone.
Being in the RAF and directly involved in the town destruction, he now faced the task by helping with the rebuilding. Elisabeth’s family story is the subject of her trilogy which are linked by the subtitle of ‘ Unbroken bonds’. The first book in the series ‘ The Nigh I danced with Rommel’ is Hilde’s story. The second book ‘ Liverpool Connection’ is Annie’s story and the third ‘ New York-the Cuckoo clock’ is Esther’s story. Release date for the third book is Spring 2015. The books can be read as a series or stand alone books.
In 1969 Elisabeth went to England to study for one year. She stayed another. then another, and another and so on. Yes she is still here.

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