Turn obstacles into opportunities! As long as you live you are either going through something, you’re about to go through something or you are just coming out of something. True? Well, just keep reading because this book was written just for you!

The testimonies and voices here encourage you step back and look at things objectively and learn the lessons that must be learned. We know that life “just happens” sometimes, but we are built to endure tough times!

Malissa Stringer has faced adversities since childhood, some of them are illustrated in this book. As an adult, life just happened and she battled breast cancer. She battled financial woes and hurdled many obstacles. This author’s work is designed to motivate you to NOT let life just happen to you. She motivates you to never give up on your goals or dreams. Read this book and read it again whenever you need reminding that you are worth it; your dreams are worth it. The storm does not last always and if you can just believe it, the best days are yet to come! You too, can live beyond boundaries!
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Author, Passionate about People, Survivor, Visionary, Perspective Changer, Believer. Jill of All Trades!

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