41igpkU4skL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Reginald McKnight is an avid writer of acronyms to inspire Christians and mankind in general. He is always at work writing and thinking about composing new acronyms to inspire Christians and all mankind, regardless of race, creed, or faith.This is his second book consisting of acronyms. If you need a word of encouragement to brighten a cloudy day, his words are for you. Growing up in South Carolina, he knows the hearts of working-class people striving to reach the ladder of success. He feels that a good word can change your day and even your life. You can find that word to impact your day in Light Living in God’s Highest Thoughts.

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About the Author

I am obeying a mandate from God Almighty. The Lord said I want you to share and teach these acronyms with the Christians. I received the anointing for writing acronyms from the Lord. I was watching a drama presentation at our local church. I was an assistant in the youth department. Watching the presentation, I noticed performers from a guest church were wearing T-shirts. The shirts displayed acronyms. I said to myself and the Lord, I wish I could write acronyms like that. God answered that prayer. Writing acronyms is a passion for me. I am a native of Hopkins, South Carolina, currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am married to Sharon J McKnight , a special education teacher.

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