This is the true story of Kati van der Hoeven, who has locked-in syndrome.

Kati’s life changed forever when at just twenty years old she had a stroke, which took away her ability to speak and left her paralysed – locked in. However, her determination, strength of character and spirit soared, as she learnt to surrender to her circumstances and flourish.

Imagine being unable to move or speak with no chance of recovery.

How do you communicate with anyone?

How do you stop yourself falling into the depths of depression?

How can you live a meaningful life?

Kati’s first goal had been to survive. Now she empowers others to not just survive, but to thrive against any odds.

This is a book of laughter, love, hope and happiness in the face of extreme adversity. It will lift your spirits and guide you to overcome your own difficulties and live your best-ever life.

‘We learn best by living’ – Kati van der Hoeven

‘Whether you care for the disabled or are physically disabled yourself — Whether you struggle against illness or watch as another close to you struggles — If ever you’ve searched for a story of perseverance, love, and joy when happily-ever-after meets real life, Kati’s story is for you. In life, we are each dealt a deck of cards, and depending on how we choose to play them, life turns out… Wonderfully.

Kati was a young international model when, at 21, she had a stroke which left her Locked-In. Paralyzed and unable to speak, Kati had to learn how to communicate with her eyes and with her heart. Today, some twenty years later, she tells her story of pain, adversity, and hope, a unique story that will touch your heart and help you to overcome whatever odds you might face.

The power of hope, the power of love, the power of laughter all converge in this book to encourage us to face each hurdle as a challenge to make us stronger. This is Kati’s story and it can be your story too.

Kati is sharing her story in the hope that readers around the world will share in her love of life and her gift of laughter, knowing that everything can be overcome with heart, patience, perseverance, and hope.’

– Sarah Tun