The young lady on the cover lost her life to drugs and street violence. These unnecessary deaths among our at-risk youth causes pain in a mother’s heart; daydreams and dazing into a world unknown to her. This has to stop. No amount of comfort (in a mother’s initial stages of pain) can keep that mother from suffering. She’s gone (mentally).

Do you have a heart? Are you willing to help with the I Have A Heart Cause to end the pain in an at-risk youth’s mother’s heart? Don’t know who needs help. What about the mother down the street? Or the one who has just lost her son to violence? Maybe the mother next door? The one that’s still gazing into a world unknown to her (darkness). The mother struggling to raise an at-risk youth? The mother that has laid a child to rest, years ago, and is stil depressed? Drugs, violence, and senseless crime create pain in a mother’s heart. NO MORE. Help end the pain in a mother’s heart today. Buy a copy of Living In My Father’s Dream – Weep Me Not – aka The Tears of God, and help our youth make better choices in life. Help raise the next generation of powerful leaders. Ten percent of all sales will go to organizations that can help our at-risk youth.

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Don’t look away.

I am not asleep. Look into my eyes. What do you see? Can you see my fears? Do you feel my pain?

You see . . .

I woke up one morning, while the moon was still peering through my blinds and started writing. I did not stop. Most nights I was up all night. I wrote about street life. I wrote about the pain in a mother’s heart when she’s struggling with an at-risk child, or a child that has went gown that road. As a writer, my goal in my life is to free a teenager’s mind from the mental bondages of hell (the inner city).

Don’t look away.

They are not asleep. Look into their eyes. The eyes of a child. Eyes destined with little hope. Can you see their pain? Look closely into their eyes. What are they looking at? What can they see? Can they see you watching them? Do you think they hope you can see their struggles, and their silent cries?

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ms. Johnnie Renee. It is my goal to help free a child’s mind from hell. Please return to the homepage and buy a copy of Living in My Father’s Dream, Weep Me Not – a.k.a. The Tears of God. Ten percent of all sales will go to schools and organizations that can help our kids reach their own goals in life.

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