51R0pYDyAWL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_A chilling adventure beneath the streets of London where WWII-era bombs, government conspiracies, and science—gone very very wrong—collide.

Beneath the streets of London lie many secrets. Subterranean rivers carve channels through darkened caverns. Hidden laboratories and government offices from WWII offer a maze of corridors and abandoned medical experiments. Lost in the depths are the contents of a looted Spanish galleon from the days of Henry VIII. And even deeper lies a Nazi V-2 rocket that contains the most horrible secret of all.

Carmen Kingsley, in charge of London projects for the British Museum, and Scotland Yard Inspector Sherwood Peets race to unravel the mysteries before the great city succumbs to the English Sweat, a frightening disease from the age of the Henrys.

Unknown to them, their partners in tracing the disease began their own efforts more than sixty years earlier during WWII when a top secret British mission is sent to the far northern regions of Norway to stop the Nazis from developing a biological weapon that was to be airmailed to London via the V-2 rocket.

It all comes to a climax beneath the city with the discovery of a horrifying species of genetically altered “super rats” that threaten to invade London and the British Isles in a manner more horrifying than anything ever envisioned by the Germans.

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“When Hell Unfolds”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Marty From SF

London is an old city full of underground railways systems, subterranean rivers, ancient Roman ruins, remnants from medieval times, artifacts from the World Wars, rats and a hell of a lot more. There is also a lot of undiscovered history, particularly from World War II, Winston Churchill, the Nazis and the `plague’ that is entombed in that hellish dark place. When modern times accidentally discover some of these hidden treasures and horrors of the past, the ride begins and it’s no ordinary thriller.

Interweaving a spy thriller story of a Nazi V-2 rocket produced and traveling Europe by rail in the second World War with modern day discoveries is a marvel of mysteries. It is told stealthily and in a maddenly fast pace as it unfolds in Norway and under the City of London. Did Winston Churchill or Hitler have something to hide that has lied buried for decades that holds a horrible truth and a possibly catastrophic illness? Why are the rats running from the underground in mass and why is there such an interest by so many in what lies beneath?

These are part of the story of “London Underground”, a novel that takes unique and interesting characters through a series of calamities and circumstances that hold the reader spellbound. Once started, the reader is committed to the story with a quickening and terrifying pace. Some of the imagery and circumstances will have anyone, especially those claustrophobic or afraid of the dark in a deep hold. No one is safe from the deadly darkness that prowls the underground. If you don’t like bloody rats, be prepared. There are plenty and some are more than extraordinary.

This is one of the best science fiction novels I have read and the story is so utterly believable that it causes reason for alarm. From chapter to chapter, the pace is addictive and the ultimate outcome is so unpredictable that I found it to be stunning.

I discovered it is in the process of becoming a major motion picture and when you read it, the reason is obvious.

About the Author

Chris Angus is the award winning author of thrillers set all over the world and dealing with action packed adventures based on real events and people in history and recent scientific topics such as new DNA discoveries, pandemics and ancient diseases. Here’s what best-selling author Jon Enright, author of “The Dead Don’t Dance” says about Chris’s new thriller WINSTON CHURCHILL AND THE TREASURE OF MAPUNGUBWE HILL:

“The Dark Continent has rarely been darker with danger and intrigue…Chris Angus’s African adventure takes us from the Boer War to WW II on a non-stop juggernaut tale of romance, treasure and its destructive allure. Meet a freshly imagined Winston Churchill in a cinematically rendered Africa. Angus leaves no thriller stop unpulled in this engaging page-turner.”

Chris comes from an extended family of seven writers. His parents were both professors of English Literature and authors of numerous works of fiction. He is also the author of several works of nonfiction published under the name Christopher Angus.

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