DoodleLoops are unique and exciting teaching tools designed to strengthen reading and language arts skills, enhance social and emotional growth and promote creativity. They can be used to teach and reinforce a wide variety of skills and assess students’ progress in almost every area of the curriculum!

DoodleLoops can be used from Pre-Kindergarten through the eighth grade.

Your children will be inspired to learn, explore and improve their skills through this engaging and dynamic approach to education. We call it Ignition for Cognition.  By combining creativity, drawing and expressive language skills, learning becomes exciting and fun!

DoodleLoops.  Empowering children with the Joy of Learning to Create and Creating to Learn.

Whether at school or at home, kids given the opportunity to try out DoodleLoops usually end up loving them and asking for more.  We’ve carefully selected more than 100 DoodleLoops from across our full library and arranged them as two free downloads: One for Teachers and one for Parents.

Print them, copy them, hand them out to your classroom, or give them to your kids at home. to request the free PDF attachments, and you’ll immediately receive an e-mail with your free DoodleLoops download.  Thanks!

“I think you oughta know about a fantastic writing resource called DoodleLoops!  My students would literally beg for more copies of DoodleLoops!  I really feel like my students started to love writing more when I added these into our work on writing center.  I feel so strongly about these writing resources that I felt you NEEDED to know about it.”Testimonial by a 1st Grade Teacher

About the Author

asaSandy Baker is an educator, published author, illustrator, workshop facilitator and consultant with over forty years of experience! Sandy served as a classroom teacher of grades K through 2 for 37 years. She now has a large personal tutoring practice, which spans Pre-K through the eighth grade. She has done freelance writing and illustrating for numerous publishing companies; developed a literature-based reading program for grades K through 3; and has conducted workshops, lectures and seminars all over the United States on her DoodleLoops series and literature-based reading instruction. Sandy is passionate about making learning more meaningful and exciting. She has achieved her passion through the creation of DoodleLoops! She is delighted to share them with you! Don’t hesitate to with any questions, comments or success stories.

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