Loose Threads: Cool Assassins 1

A sci-fi tale with a distinctive voice and a determined heroine.

“Loose Threads” is NOT for the squeamish or prudish. The narrative delves into controversial topics and contrary viewpoints. Readers will track the process as Nyssa buries past traumas, deals with PTSD and recovers her self-esteem.
___Nyssa gets a new lease on life. She joins Dog Breakfast co-op, an informal security outfit. Her new life is like heaven compared to the previous three years of sex-trade bondage. But memories and old habits weigh her down like a 400-kilogram gorilla.
___”Loose Threads” is set in the future, circa 2070s. The global economy is dominated by transnational corporations which have acquired wealth and influence that rivals the greatest nations. The drama takes place around the Pacific Rim.
___Not only must Nyssa deal with personal issues, she must also examine the co-op alternative to corporate greed. Is the cooperative model for the future worth fighting for?
___ Kirkus Reviews: “A sci-fi tale with a distinctive voice and a determined heroine.”
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