downloadMs. Miller does not spare the reader the heartbreaking details of her experiences, yet there is not a shred of self-pity in her book. This book is humbly and clearly written. There are no long, psychologically complicated explanations, just the facts as she remembers them and her reflections as an adult on a childhood that can only be described as pure torment. It’s amazing that she survived her past, not only in the sense that she didn’t die physically, but in the sense that she overcame her addiction and emotional blindness caused by years of trauma to the point where she can tell her story. Although there are scores of adult survivors of child abuse, there are few first person accounts of child abuse like this unique book. Ms. Miller has provided such an account. Her book, the result of decades of hard work and therapy and her own ongoing self-scrutiny, is a gift to us all.”

–Aphrodite Matsakis Ph.D.

“Maggie Miller is a woman of amazing strength, courage, persistence, and generosity. While most people would be overwhelmed or bitter after repeated assaults on their mind, body, and emotions, she has responded with love, caring, resilience, and amazing generosity to others. Her struggle and survival should be an inspiration to all.”

–Dr. Robert J. Mathes M.D

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” This is a great story and you just can’t put the book down”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Larry DeBow

This is a great story and you just can’t put the book down. It’s a good lesson in survival. There are those who could read this book and be inspired to help others.

About the Author

Maggie Miller still lives in a small New England town near the New Hampshire and Maine borders.

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