Lord’s New Year’s Caress

Can she stay in a phony arrangement without losing her heart?

Luna Alvarado loves her life. She runs a tea shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans that’s been in the family for years and is named after her grandmother. She’s developed a relationship with her customers and neighbors and built a beautiful life full of friends and exotic tea blends.

When a predatory corporate chain tea shop moves in just across the way, it undercuts her prices, steals her customers, and reduces her profits. When she’s approached with an offer to buy her out, she reluctantly agrees and schedules a business closing party for New Year’s weekend.

When the party is crashed by Niall Lord, the owner of the chain of shops, things get awkward, but the alcohol continues to flow. Luna discovers a new definition of awkward when she wakes up in bed with Lord and he propositions her…become his fiancé and shield against man-hungry women around him. In exchange, he will return her shop and become a silent partner.

Can Luna keep the lie going long enough to save her shop? Can she stay in a phony arrangement without losing her heart?

Lord’s New Year’s Caress is an erotic romantic comedy with everything at stake.

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