Losing My Breath; From Loss to Transformation by cindy weaver

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Book Description:

Losing My Breath is an authentic account of the loss of a child. It is a walk from deep grief to joyful living and the weaving in and out of healing and brokenness in an unpredictable dance. Through explorations and journal entries, the author takes the reader on a journey through the many faces of loss including grief, forgiveness, anger, holidays and healing. The theme of eternal connection is woven throughout as continued communication is experienced between the author and her daughter.
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A Courageous Woman’s Journey—A Must Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Kim Brantley

Maybe you have not lost a child, but everyone has experienced some sort of loss and has had to find a way to pick up the pieces. You know how painful each birthday, holiday, and memory can be. I knew Cindy and her family when they lived in Virginia. I had the opportunity to teach with her and I had the pleasure of teaching her son when he was in first grade. Since she had moved to Colorado, I was not able to offer any personal support during her time of transformation. It gives me comfort to know that Cindy and her family have felt the love and support of family and friends and from their spirit child. So, turn off your phone, pick a quiet spot, grab a box of tissues, have an open mind, and give yourself time to pause and reflect on each chapter. Walk alongside Cindy as she enters the dark despair of grief and gradually opens her heart and mind to new realms and learns to breathe again.

About the Author

Author of Losing My Breath: From Loss to Transformation; a journey through the loss of a child into joyful living. Multi-media artist.

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Losing My Breath; From Loss to Transformation by cindy weaver Share
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