Lost Among the Lies by LM Wilson

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Book Description:

My name is Ella Daniels,
I always thought I was normal, but when my parents go missing, things begin to become clear yet complicated in the most amazing ways. Finding my parents should be my first priority, but when I meet a new guy at school, things become so confusing that I’m left juggling the chaos of not only my life, but also those of the new guy and his friends.
I’ve come to realise, I’m not normal, I never was.
My past, present, and future collide in the strangest of ways, and I’m left wondering; Can I have it all or will it all come crashing down like the Hell my new friends are from?
This is an RH slow burn, with fantasy and magical elements, with a little bit of mythology thrown in.
Some scenes may be distressing to readers and some may leave you asking, “When will I get to read more?”
Recommended reading age is 17+
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“Loved it!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By LaneyDay

Thought this was terrific! I loved the characters. The guys, with their rivalries led to some funny lighthearted scenes.
I hope the next book goes into more depth of the different races, and world’s that they connect to. Can’t wait for book 2!
Definitely recommend this.

About the Author

LM Wilson is an Australian author. Loves art in all shapes and forms. Between being a mother and published Author (both traditionally and Indie), has her hands full yet still manages to produce a book every couple of months.
LM Wilson has been writing since the age of fourteen. First published at sixteen. Has a Diploma in English Literature and A diploma in IT Networking. Hundreds of published novels in all genres and several known and unknown Pseudonyms. She’s funky and weird, but you can blame that on the fact that she lives upside down and backwards in the Land of Aus!

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