Lost Angel Walkabout-One Traveler’s Tales

Awaken your senses with thrilling tales of an intrepid soul’s search for beauty in the wilds.
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Lost Angel Walkabout by Linda Ballou takes the reader out of their armchair and into the vast world as few travel writers can. Her eye for detail combined with intimate knowledge of her surroundings sets Ms. Ballou heads above most of the travel writing pack. In this age when everyone with a back pack proclaims him or herself a travel writer it takes a book like this one to re-define the genre. The stories are personal and inviting, giving the reader not only a feeling of participation but leaving them with a memory of where they have just visited. This is just plain great travel writing.

-- James M. Dorsey
Book Description:

Awaken your senses with thrilling tales of an intrepid soul’s search for beauty in the wilds. Linda Ballou embraces life and draws readers into her adventures with vivid descriptions that make you feel you are traveling along side her. She brings an intelligent meditation on nature in richly detailed, often poetic stories.

Linda Ballou (Author)
A love triangle of extremes has proven to be a solid base for my writing. From my roots in Alaska I receive strength, centeredness and respect for the awful power of nature. Numerous adventure articles, essays on my website are set in my homeland. In Hawaii I found a spiritual awakening, sensuality and the heroine for my historical novel Wai-nani: A Voice from Old Hawaii. My latest book, Lost Angel in Paradise, takes you daytripping with me to my favorite outdoor days in sun-splashed California .I share tips for “Wannabe” travel writers in GET GREAT TRIPS and in my playlist on youtube. Join me on my journey. I just released Lost Angel Walkabout in audio format for my armchair traveling friends.
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