Lost in a Nightmare

by – C.A. Meadows (Author)

Elle moved away from her hometown to Washington DC.

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Book Description:

Elle moved away from her hometown to Washington DC. She works at a small bookstore with a love and degree in art history. Shortly after she moved, her best friend moved into the same apartment building to get a fresh start. One night, Elle has a nightmare that rattles her to the core. To make matters worse, her cat is now on edge every time she’s around her. As the nights go on, the nightmare proceeds and worsens. Leaving her scared and injured every time she wakes up. Elle begins to see fragments of her nightmare and odd, creepy happenings in her everyday life, which keeps the dream fresh in her mind. The bookstore owner, Mrs. Johnson, notices changes in Elle and gives her a mysterious black book in hopes that it will help her end the nightmare once and for all. Along the way, she meets people, some who are helpful, some who are helpless and some who cause more trouble than she had planned. After a few nights, she becomes stuck in her nightmare, unable to wake herself up, fighting for her mind and her life to remain her own.