Following eight exhausting years working in a warzone, Lisa was burnt out and ready for a new chapter in her life—hopefully one that involved a little romance.

In her forties and doubtful of ever finding true love, she meets an exotic African man who promises her happiness and the life she dreams of.

Little did Lisa know that this decision would lead to heartache, a torturous legal battle and near bankruptcy.

They move to Uganda, but her dreams of a happy marriage soon fade after he takes control of her life—and her life savings. As she uncovers his cruelty, the relationship becomes violent and she seeks help from the police. But not even they can be trusted, and a corrupt legal system pushes her close to death.

Alone and penniless, she prepares to leave the country—but how? She is destitute and her legal status is precarious and tied up in bewildering red tape. Trapped in the terrifying depths of a lawless country with court procedures and unruly lawyers to tackle, she finds solace with unlikely strangers and is empowered by the natural beauty of the country that had become a prison. But when tragedy strikes a final blow, Lisa must break a few laws of her own to break free.

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