Love in Fine Print

by Shawna Wesley (Author)

From matchmaker mishaps to fake vows, love rewrites their story.

Book Description:​

What happens when a retired NFL quarterback who doesn’t believe in love inherits a matchmaking business and has a meet-cute that ends in the emergency room with a high-powered divorce attorney who is a secret romantic?

A fake marriage, of course.

The Matchmaker

When retired NFL quarterback Ben Whitaker inherits his grandmother’s business, Ever After Matchmaking, he assumes his life will be smooth sailing, setting up eager singles. He’s wrong. No matter how hard he tries to follow in his gran’s footsteps, he is failing miserably.

Ever After isn’t the only thing left in Ben’s care. A ninety-year-old well-meaning/nosy neighbor and a rambunctious two-year-old golden retriever are also in the will, and both are giving him premature gray hair. After the aforementioned golden retriever tackles a gorgeous blonde, resulting in a broken wrist and sprained ankle, Ben is sure his chances with the amber-eyed stunner are toast.

That is, until he finds out she needs his services.

The Maneater

Divorce attorney Olivia Bradshaw has been passed up for partner at her law firm, Walters, Chen, Katz, Cline & Associates, twice. When news spreads that another opening will be announced in the spring, Olivia knows she is the best man for the job; correction, the best woman for the job.

There is just one teeny-tiny problem: to join the ranks of her contemporaries, she needs the one thing money and hard work can’t buy: a husband.

Author’s note: Love in Fine Print is an opposites-attract, fake relationship, one bed, forced proximity, “that’s my wife” energy, steamy, standalone, contemporary romance.

About the Author

Shawna Wesley (Author)

Shawna lives in Southern California and is a mama to two adult people (she doesn't know how that happened...they were babies like two seconds ago!). She loves all things romance from books (of course!), movies, songs, and even reality TV...please don't judge. She writes contemporary romances under Shawna Renae and small-town romance as NYT & USA Today Bestselling author Melanie Shawn. Whether it's small-town or contemporary all of her books are filled with sweet and sassy heroines, cinnamon roll alphas, casts of supportive *cough: meddling* family and friends who put the fun in funny, toe-curling combustible heat, and sugary sweet "aww" moments that will have your hearts and e-readers melting. When she's not writing or reading, listening to love songs on Spotify, or binge-watching TV she loves spending time with her dog Romeo, teaching Zumba classes, and drinking lotsa Dr. Pepper. Oh, and she also has a girl crush on Julia Roberts and is a die-hard Dawson's Creek fan.

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What a wonderful love story told beautifully. Well written with fantastic characters. Ben and Olivia sure had some back stories which became more interesting throughout the book. Their HEA was a fairy tale come true. ❤️