cdEmerging from the war-torn battlefield of Afghanistan comes an improbable love story between a Green Beret medic, Ron Hawkins, and an Afghan nurse, Shararah, who he rescues from the Taliban. Love triumphs over evil in this thriller when Ron and Shararah escape into the Hindu Kush Mountains as two people from separate worlds merge into one incredible single love! Discover unpredictable alliances and a top Russian General’s secret past. Will Ron and Shararah escape and their love survive? Find out in this epic story, “Love in the House of War.”

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” Beautifully described war-torn love story!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Bookfolio

Love in the House of War is so vividly written with characters I loved. The author beautifully described each character and landscape so as it pulled you into the scene, making you forget it’s only a book. I would recommend this war-torn love story to anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and look forward to more from Al M. Scott.

About the Author

AL M. Scott (1958-) is the son of a Baltimore police officer-turned-missionary jungle pilot. While growing up, he and his family traveled across the USA and South America for ten years while attending thirteen different schools. A retired Army veteran, he is the founder of PTSIO (Post Traumatic Stress In Order) and currently in the process of creating a publishing company for veterans and their families to share their stories. Scott’s first book, (originally titled “Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey”), is an autobiography about his twenty-five year Army career (1980-2005) that included four deployments to the Middle East and a Bronze Star Award for actions in Iraq. He has written a paranormal thriller, “Eternal Eye,” about a soldier, Major David Allan, heading back to the USA from Balad, Iraq when the plane he is on is shot down. As the only survivor, he awakes from a three-month coma…in the year 1991. In this novella, Major Allan realizes that historic events have not altered in any way. Besides correctly predicting destruction from Hurricane Andrew in ’92, and a failed operation in Somalia in ’93, he devises a plan to prevent the Oklahoma City bombings in ’95 and later, the 9/11 terror. Can he do so without implicating himself or setting the course of history into an unpredictable outcome? Scott has also has written the “Military Men & Women” series, beginning with “Love in the House of War,” a romantic thriller set in war-torn Afghanistan, and the sequel, “Flame in Paradise (September 1, 2015 release).” Currently, Scott is writing the third in the series, “Girl with the Green Beret.”

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