Love ~ in three aspects by Andi Marchal

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Book Description

Warning: Mature Subject Matter- Love-the most elusive of emotions. Throughout time, it has been poets who have tried to capture its essence and these same poets who found it cannot be done. Love is an experience with far too many aspects to capture fully. This interpretation focuses on three of those aspects: Sensual, Whimsical and Darkly Magical…a quirky study and in some cases edgy. Take the risk and see if you can find yourself within these words.
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“A Unique Poetry Debut”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Drea

I was given an author copy for review and found this unorthodox collection of poems quite intriguing. The sensual poems are just that, the whimsical were clever, and the darkly magical, my favorite part, were beautifully edgy. All put together, a delightful read.

About the Author

Writing is my addiction, ink is my drug. Fantasy novelist and poet, I veer toward the quirky, the edgy, the sometimes peculiar themes. Raised in the Hudson Valley area of New York, I grew up surrounded by Sleepy Hollow legends and the whispers of Indian lore in the Catskill Mountains. Adulthood has not dampened those inspirations. Parents who encouraged reading and writing and Saturday morning horror movies contributed to my habit and I would have it no other way. My novel “Vykup-A Tale of the Koldun” to be released in 2018.

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