Young, naive and idealistic, all Nathan wants is to change the world for the better.
Involved in the affairs of the Party for National Unity, from its inception, Nathan’s progress is rapid. After the party seizes control of the country, his own ruthless actions bring him to a prominent position, where he is feared and loathed in equal parts . Then, over a matter of days, his life falls apart. Arrested, brutally interrogated, his loyalty questioned, he is released into a world where his family has gone and he is an outcast. Now, he knows the true nature of the monstrous regime he helped create.
Uprooted from his hometown, Nathan is resettled in Leeds. Alone and under surveillance, he has time to reflect on his past deeds and the increasing brutality of the ruling party. First, he must regain the trust of his masters. Only then, with members of the underground-movement, can he hope to right some of his previous wrongs and redeem himself. To his horror, he discovers the government is developing a new method of public-order control. Soon, he discovers all he needs to know about love, lies and treachery. Dictatorship, abduction and insurrection are a heady combination for anyone to handle.
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About the Author

Brian R Hill was born in Yorkshire and lives close to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales that, in various guises, form the backdrop to his novels. Brian has written 3 Fantasy Novels, soon to be all in print and on Kindle, and a contemporary Thriller set in Yorkshire.

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