What if a family was introduced into your almost perfect life and turned your world upside down in the worse way? What if these people made you feel vulnerable, uncertain maybe even insecure? Now let’s take this a step further. What if this family were racist and you were black? And what if you had been a part of this distasteful family and you had no clue?

Could it be possible that you had been reincarnated purposefully to face the hate that you once gave out? Perhaps you have been picked by a loving universe to bring this racist family to an awakening, although you don’t remember making this agreement.

This is what happens to Nova, an intelligent, pretty, secure young woman who lives in an affluent black family where everything seemed to be in its proper perspective. That is until the Young family arrive in her town.

Amid issues of racism, drugs and teen problems, Love, Life and Beyond shows the reader another way at looking at life’s jarring troubles through the story of Anne, a racist from the South, who dies from a brain aneurism. After some time to reflect in the spiritual realm, Anne’s soul is ready for another trial on Earth— this time in the body of Nova: a black girl.

Having no clue of her previous non-physical proclamation to transform their beliefs, a personal battle erupts when Trent and Nova are thrown together many times through distressing situations.

Sonia gets involved with the wrong crowd and begins using drugs, and Nova is the only person capable of helping Brenda and her family. Trent resents her association with his family and like a smoldering volcano Trent and Nova reach their boiling point with venomous hate for one another—until something unforeseen happens and the impact of it alters all of their lives forever.
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