Love-Lust-Friendship or Games by Empress

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This is a work of non-fiction inspired by my own life and the lives of others that have touched mine. This book is about love and romance and the many games people sometimes play to perfection with their playground being your life, their toys being your time and emotions. Sadly, when involved in relationships, many are cataloged and categorized by their loved ones without realizing so. This book will help you to know or somewhat allow you to be cognizant of your relationship with your significant other if it is love or if he or she has simply categorized whatever you have as something other than love. It will also open your eyes into realizing if love dwells within your relationship if it is “passing through” your relationship or worst, absent from your relationship. It should allow you to realize when it may be time to walk away from it all. The names and locations in this work have been falsified to protect the identities of all parties involved, but the stories and events are true. Anyone with the same name and/or resemblance to the events as they appear in this book is completely coincidental.

I once dated a guy who lied to me for roughly 1 ½ years which was the entire duration of the relationship until I terminated our sham of a relationship for his endless lies. His name was Todd whom I met in Rhode Island. The lies came from day one until I pulled the truth out from its “hideout.” And despite my plea to Todd for his “truth,” I did so without his help. The lies that were revealed was a far cry from Todd’s poured out emotions to me throughout our relationship. He pledged his love for me continuously. But the weirdest thing is ~ even though I felt his emotions which felt sincere, in my gut, I felt that something about Todd was off. Todd once told me he does not believe his dick can stand firm for any other woman. But for some reason, I felt stupid when he made that comment and this is when I thought he was playing me for an ass, so I aggressively told him to shut up. I told him to shut up because I could tell something about his entire living situation was off. I believed him when he said he cared for me, but not loved me. I could feel his care and sometimes his emotions seemed deep. But just the mere fact something about his life was not sitting right with me, disallowed me to believe he loved me. My Friends ~ This is your intuition or “gut feeling.” No matter how hard I tried to “shake it off” it refused to let go of my emotions. Sometimes to test Todd’s “love,” I would go shopping and once he got to my house I would show him the receipts and items bought and requested he reimbursed me for my shopping spree. I considered it a gift from him to me, on my behalf. He always reimbursed me but it still was not enough to be proven as love. Something about his entire situation was not right. Todd’s friend Austin tried in more ways than one to let me know what was going on, but tried doing so without “stepping on his friend toes.” He thought I should know “the truth” yet he thought it was not his place to say what “the truth” was. But what was “the truth?” I had not the slightest clue because this man continuously told me he loved me and spent almost every night at my house, left with me on mornings and headed to work and then returned to me at nights. To the outside world, Todd and I would seem like the perfect couple heading to work together on mornings. Austin threw little hints here and there for me to figure out Todd’s secret. But it was impossible for me to retrieve a full-blown story or should I say, a scandal from little hints thrown around of “do you truly know where he sleeps at night when he is not at your house?” “who did he tell you he lived with? Do you believe him?” This was confirmation something with Todd was definitely off. Based on Austin’s little questions, I knew my gut feeling was right. But the most I conjured up in my head was Todd had another woman. But that was the tip of the iceberg…

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About the Author

Karenda Chapman was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico to Trinidadian parents, grew up in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies from the age of two, until she returned to the United States in her teen years at 17. Difference of opinions and beliefs caused her and her dearly departed mother to always end up in fit of arguments, resulting in never-ending conflicts. It was these conflicts that allowed Karenda to be consumed by the thought that she can make it “alone” when her father agreed to send her to reside with her aunt and uncle over 2000 miles away, leaving her immediate family behind. As Karenda ventured into her new world, it was then her true uphill battles began as she continuously tried to “fit in” with “extended” family. Her path to success was a very turbulent one as she learned the hard way that trusting many and having a big heart too often can have very dampening end-results. Being scorned many a times eventually resulted in what some may call “her stories” as she found it somewhat therapeutic to “release” her scorned effects onto paper. It is Karenda’ life experiences that resulted in her road to recovery and road to success.

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