Love of a Marine by Patty Campbell

Support our Wounded Warriors. Author proceeds go to Wounded Warriors of S. Florida

Wounded Marine veteran, Cluny McPherson, is ready to throw in the towel. Why are his PTSD nightmares worse now, more than ten years after the ambush outside Fallujah? He hates his growing feelings of hopelessness and doubts he’ll ever live a normal life. He loves women and kids, and he desires a loving woman in his life, one who wants a family as much as he does. But with the nightmares getting worse, the only female he dares spend an entire night with is his loyal service dog, Queen, a war vet herself. Until one day on a California beach, he meets a beautiful Brazilian woman and her young boy and everything changes. For the first time in years, there’s a chance of healing…and a chance at love.

Graciella Jefferson, SEAL widow and single mother, is wary of the man who sits for hours on the sand by the Point Dume rocks, staring at the ocean. But her nine-year-old son, Santos, is increasingly curious about the dog that wears a vest and stays next to the tall, dark-haired man in the baseball cap. When she finds out Cluny was saved in Iraq by her late husband, a friendship begins between them that quickly heats up into something much more. But Graciella has been burned before. Can she lower the walls around her heart and learn how trust again?
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About the Author

By Patty Campbell

After experiencing a couple of world changing events I found I wanted to pursue a new direction and write books. In the past dozen years I’ve written seven contemporary romance novels–Jelly’s Big Night Out was the first to be published in 2012. Once a Marine was released in June 2013. Risky Business debuted in November 2014.

First book of my Wounded Warrior Trilogy, Heart of a Marine, is now available. I write about romantic heroes who are Wounded Warriors facing challenges. Their journey is to conquer those challenges and find lasting love.

The best part of writing romance – I get to fall in love with a new man every time I write a new story.

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