LOVES Betrayal 

by – Crystal Mary Lindsey (Author)

Read one woman’s journey through years of torment

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Book Description:

It takes only a moment to say you love someone, but a lifetime of regret when they break your heart.
One Christian woman’s true story and she regretted God’s warning to NOT BE unevenly yoked.

Would she survive his abuse, or will her heart die trying?

A young, naïve girl convinces herself that her love for him would make all well.
Cara wanted to be loved, while Paul took her innocence and treated her like trash.

Because she loved him above all else, she ignored the warnings, excusing his selfish desires.
She overlooked his bullying and control.

She ignored his sardonic family members, who encouraged him to ill-treat her further.

She felt powerless to stand against the persecution. Only her faith in God and reading His promises, kept her going.

What would become of her? Where could she go or turn for help?
A hard lesson over many years, yet later she could remember the scripture that said.
“All things work together for good, for those who love Him, and are called, according to His purpose.”.

Read one woman’s journey through years of torment

Reviews for the Book

This story is a powerful one concerning abuse and is one of hope that leads to a life of victory in Christ. It's a very helpful read for those who endure abuse, with a section of self-help remedies and questions at the end of the book.
I admire the author for her willingness to use her story to inspire others to change their life path to one of a victim to one of a victor. I too have been a victim in the past and have leaned on Jesus for my hope of a new future. I found very similar patterns in this book that also related to my priior life and feel this book should be read by anyone. Highly recommended. - J.E. Grace

About the Author: Crystal Mary Lindsey

Crystal Mary Lindsey is an AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR.

A health professional of many years, Crystal has always loved to read. As a registered nurse and a professional counselor, she realized how stories can INFLUENCE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE, the reader to feel happier. So began her journey as an author to write the kind of books that touch hearts with understanding and awareness. Her books contain an EXCITING mixture of Spirituality, Romance, Mystery, and Suspense, They are unique stories as her passion elevates the reader to overcome their many adversities and see life from an improved perceptiveness.

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