“Look at you Infidelity”, shaking his head in frustration. “I’m not sure if your choice of drug is passion, the thrill of the affair or the man himself, but there is a void you are trying to have us fulfill in your life and you are hooked! The secrets, the lies, the lame attempts to quit sleeping around…the isolation; don’t you get it? YOU LOVE INFIDELITY!”

Meet Fidelity, a bright, ambitious, career-driven young woman; excited that she is about to get married to the man of her dreams. Faithful has a secret that affects their marriage, discovering that the marital bliss she had hoped for ended with the honeymoon. Being the good wife, Fidelity covers her husband’s addiction while burying the secrets of her past; abetting their dysfunctional marriage.
Faithful and Fidelity return to Texas, after living in Europe for several years. She is now the COO of her firm and he’s a Captain in the Army. Unable to make rank due to a chockfull of disciplinary actions, Faithful becomes more and more withdrawn and abusive.
Fidelity soon succumbs to passion and misplaced affections and crosses the line with an occasional lover. Snared by sex, lies and deceit, Fidelity is unaware of the stranger that has shown up to unravel the secret she thought she buried twenty years ago.
Imagine an obsession so beautiful that no matter the cost, you want it; you need it… you desire it even when it’s not yours to desire. Even when that desire violates a set of rules in marriage?
Odd as it may seem, Fidelity’s story is one of loyalty and strange-love that chooses to live in the midst of physical and mental abuse, where Loving Infidelity seems to be the only means of escape.
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Love it”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Sheda Twitty

The book is good! It’s one part where I wanted to call the author to discuss it but I didn’t. Got to another chapter and I had to make that call (laughN). I got three more chapters to read but I love what I have read so far…….. Sheda Twitty

About the Author

Author Taylor Marie hails from Central Texas. Taylor Marie decrees that she will give voice and presence in a literary world gone viral…with smash words and created space in hopes of becoming one-in-a-million; a diamond in the rough. Author Taylor Marie has not earned her right to be ranked among the best of the best in fiction, urban fiction, romance or any other genre….just yet!

Transitioning from an avid reader to author, give her a chance to come into your world with her debut release “Loving Infidelity” and her next novel “The House That Jack Built” and “If These Walls Could Talk” (A Short Story) will soon change your mind.

Author Taylor Marie has deferred her passion too long. She hopes to bring freshness to the world of ebooks, digital reading and social media. “Let’s hold something in our hands beside the remote; let’s hold books again.”

I am glad to have been chosen to write her first impression…hoping that you; the reader will close her books with a lasting one.

Carla Taylor Fears

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