The bestselling fantasy thriller author Elle Marshall or as she is better known by her pen name LRR Hood spends her days and nights weaving tales of werewolves inspired by the stories her grandmother told her as a girl with her own little twist. She never gave any serious thought to question if these two-natured creatures were real or not, at least not until she found herself being the potential next victim of an obsessed serial killer. When she finds a lost cell phone in a blizzard her sleuthing skills start to get the better of her when the twin brother of the cell phones owner shows up at her door demanding to know where his brother is. Marik who has always had a rocky relationship with his twin Gaerik is commissioned by the Council to bring his brother in for the crime of killing a human, a rule that goes against every law that protects them from extension. Going to Elle’s home he is under the impression that she is just another one of his arrogant brothers many flings and not until he meets her, realizing that his brother has been stalking this woman for months, does he truly believe that she isn’t hiding Gaerik in her panty drawer. Meeting Marik Chaliceman, Elle is given the story that his brother is a deranged fan with a mind detached from reality believing that from reading Elle’s novels it has persuaded his already fragile mind into believing that he really is a werewolf and Elle, his potential mate whether she wants to be or not. Gaerik is already the prime suspect of one woman’s death and Marik convinces Elle to help him find his brother under the guise that she could be his next victim. While Elle normally finds herself excited to be behind the keyboard with fresh ideas for a hair-raising werewolf thriller with a strong female lead, but she never in her wildest dreams imagined that she would be living it! Thrust into her own supernatural werewolf suspense Elle finds herself meeting werewolves for the very first time and concluding that grandma’s bedtime stories were a little too close to the truth for comfort. Not only does she find that all her grandmother’s stories were true but she also has her own secret paranormal history with the tribe of wolves from Connecticut buried beneath the bodies of a twenty-year-old feud that resulted in a corrupt council of werewolves who want the Chaliceman family out of the picture for good. In the span of a few days Elle’s world is turned completely upside down as she begins to reconnect with the past in her birth place of New Haven, Connecticut. Accompanied by a cast of real life werewolves Elle and Marik’s are in a race against time to find the big bad wolf before he has a chance to make Elle his own Little Red Riding Hood and his most prized kill.
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“I was sad that it ended”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Monica Padilla

Extremely captivating, I was surprised by every twist to the story. I found the characters relatable, and how mysterious the story carried on. I was sad that it ended, but im more excited then sadden and can’t wait to get my hands on the next book. I got the paperback version, and it arrived in great time for the standard shipping option and it was in amazing condition.

About the Author

Originally from Arkansas Cassandra was raised in the heart of the Mississippi Delta living a short fifteen minutes from the Bluff City of Memphis, Tennessee known for it’s food and music. Cassandra has a deep love for her southern roots having been raised to say, “Yes Ma’am,” and “No, sir.” She currently lives in New Haven, Connecticut where she works full time in the medical billing field and sharing that sweet southern girl spirit with everyone she meets.

Between work she enjoys weaving tales of the supernatural, suspense, and mystery.

She is the author of LRR Hood the first installment of a series of novels that have a modern day twist to the Little Red Riding Hood tales.

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