Will the Devil win Caro’s soul, or will Michael choose the path of righteousness?

If you enjoyed “The Devil’s Advocate,” you’ll love “Lucifer’s Dragon,” a New Adult, Dark Religious Fantasy that takes you deep into the mind of a young soldier, Michael Caro, while Satan guides him and a demon twists his reality. No matter how hard Michael tries not to do the Devil’s bidding, he fails and falls deeper into a life of sin. Will the Devil win Caro’s soul, or will Michael choose the path of righteousness?

Michael Caro is at a crossroads when Lucifer invades his mind, and a demon possesses his soul. Michael’s strict Catholic upbringing couldn’t prepare him for the twists his life’s about to take.

Caro journeys from his small, mid-nineties, New England town, through military training, to his first assignment in Germany. Wanting only to fit in with his peers, Michael has a moment of weakness and unwittingly invites a demon into his heart. The demon’s uncontrollable urges, and Satan’s voice echoing through Caro’s head, guide him and twist his perception of reality.

While Michael faces an internal battle between good and evil, external obstacles pull him in opposing directions. While training in Aberdeen, Caro discovers a world filled with sin. Demons disguise themselves as humans. Drill Sergeants use their position to coerce female soldiers into bed. Alcohol and sex become Michael’s crutch as his hidden powers slowly reveal themselves.

A battle between good and evil rages within him and each choice Michael makes determines his eternal fate. In a world dominated by sin, will Michael find the path to salvation, or continue along the road Lucifer set him on?

Do you trust God’s mercy enough to live a life of sin?