Lucky’s Will by Helen Gibbs Pohlot

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Book Description

Nothing will keep Lucky from protecting her beloved Will—not even frigid temperatures and mounting snow.

When Will slumps over in the car, Lucky, his little dog, sets off in search of help. She braves icy conditions and dangerous highways, but help is nowhere around. With no other choice, Lucky returns to the car to watch over her lifelong friend.

Lucky survives against tremendous odds only to face an uncertain future when rescue finally arrives eighteen days later. At 20 years old, Lucky’s future looks bleak until one little boy stands up to fight for her life.

Lucky’s Will is an inspiring true story that demonstrates the determination and wisdom of a child and the extraordinary resilience of a loyal little dog
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“Beautiful story brought me to tears”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Juli Oliveras

I read this story in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. I had to know what was going to happen to Lucky. She was so loyal and so brave. I don’t have a good history with dogs but I wholeheartedly feel that Lucky would have been a blessing in my home too. She was an exceptional animal. I am so happy that I was able to learn about her through this book. God Bless you Helen Gibbs Pohlot for sharing her amazing story with me and my family.

About the Author

After more than 15 years as an award-winning journalist, Helen Gibbs Pohlot wanted to write stories that made people happy.
Her journey began telling bedtime stories to her young son who as the main character sailed the seven seas, caught the world’s biggest marlin and took a trip to Saturn with a quick stop at the Mariana Trench.
Helen’s first published books were children’s stories. The Kick That Stunned Pittsburgh sold exclusively by the Pittsburgh Steelers and Got Your Back available only from the Green Bay Packers are both works of fiction based on actual people, a young Steelers fan and a bullied Pop Warner player whom kids said was too small to play the game.
Lucky’s Will, Helen’s latest book for dog lovers of all ages is an inspiring, true story that demonstrates the determination and wisdom of a child and the extraordinary resilience of a loyal little dog.
A love of animals especially Golden Retrievers provides the foundation for Helen’s soon to be released book Cheyenne, God’s Golden Gift, a work of fiction. Cheyenne, a dog with supernatural ability, fulfills her 18 challenging assignments touching the hearts of those in need.
Currently, Helen is working on a mystery/thriller series, The David Biddle Series. Two ivy league educated billionaires set out on a spine-tingling trail of mystery, intrigue, and murder that takes them from the casino in Monte Carlo to the deep Alaskan wilderness.
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Helen and her husband Bruce reside in Bucks County, PA, and the Florida Keys.

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