Lulu by Aneta Ryfczyńska

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Lulu was really surprised when one day she woke and felt like a ballerina.She didn’t know if it was because of her Daddy’s magic soup or another kind of magic.Lulu written by Aneta Ryfczyńska is poetic short story of a little girl who discovers who she is and what gives her happiness. The book, full of extraordinary illustrations created by Daria Drozdz, is a contemporary version of Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. It will inspire both children and parents as it shows that true happiness can only come by being authentic.
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“Very deep”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Aneta Sz


About the Author

By the time my daughter was one year old, I expected her to have taken her first steps. On one hand, I knew that she still had time to start walking. But on the other, I was worried that it might never happen.

Finally it happened. When Lulu was one year and two weeks, she started walking. Today she can walk and stomp, jump, climb and make pirouettes.

At the same time, I took my first step which was writing short stories for children based on non-violent communication. As a result, today, you can read Lulu, which is a story about authenticity.

My name is Aneta Ryfczyńska. I am the author of many short stores for children and texts for women about being authentic in their look.

I’ve spent over 10 years in the fashion industry as a designer and then as a stylist. Today, I support women in being authentic in their look, in refusing to blindly follow fashion, in saying NO to objectivising their bodies.

With thanks to Michael Terence Publishing

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