When was the last time you connected with yourself? No, like really checked your baggage and seriously connected with what makes you happy? Far too often, we, as women take care of our loved ones before even batting an eye to our own needs. We’re women, and that nurturing act almost flows freely, without even a second thought. Truly, it’s what makes us amazing creatures, but creatures of habit is exactly what I want you to seriously reconsider. Today I want you to dissolve your current boundaries and traditional thinking. Today I want you to upload a satisfying and positive upgrade to your life. Do not stand in the way of your own dreams. You’ve got goals, go crush them! #FierceAndFab. It’s time to innovate and dream bigger than ever before. Design that #Lush&Luxe lifestyle that you thought only the #RichAndFamous could have. My #MainGoal is to motivate more women to be the best versions of themselves. It’s time for more women to unite and find the reward that life has to offer. Let us come together and celebrate all the hard working women who pull it together each and every day; even when the struggle is strong. Yes, I’m talking about every woman, especially you Mom’s out there (including all you fur baby Mom’s). All you fabulous women working incredibly hard in your career, especially the Mom’s balancing the fine act of being a parent deserve to be celebrated, recognized and appreciated, and not just on Mother’s Day either! Know that you are worth it, you are strong and you are appreciated. #WomenInPower
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About the Author

A Power Mom to 3 children, Wife, Certified Business Woman, Creator of VIVOLOg, and Author; Joanne Vivolo is no stranger to hard work. Over the course of four years, she has self published three fictional novels including her latest trending romance novel Protect Me Not, her previous Canadian release Too Close To Almost and most recently in 2017, Lush & Luxe: Powered by Positivity; Getting past Self Imposed Limitations.
Joanne’s unique approach to building an empire while raising kids has touched the hearts of thousands of women across her social media platforms and was recently featured in HHH Magazine as a role model to women all around the world.
Joanne has always been regarded as one of the best executive managers during her business consulting career and has never wavered in her efforts to show up and give her best in everything she does. From a young professional straight out of College with a shiny new Business Degree, Joanne went straight into Radio, Telecommunications and Cable. Always spreading her wings, she added to her list of life’s best achievements when she became a Mom for the first time. From that moment onward, Joanne knew she had tapped into her positive pot of gold with her 3 precious jewels always at her side.
When Joanne isn’t busy being a Power Mom and CEO at home, she can also be found vlogging about writing, spending time with family and living life to the fullest on her Facebook Authors Page VIVOLOg.

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