Lust and Basketball

by – Jeannie Eneh (Author)

The beautiful and talented Author Jazz Halster of Atlanta, Georgia was dying to be loved.

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Book Description:

The beautiful and talented Author Jazz Halster of Atlanta, Georgia was dying to be loved. Jazz was at a point in her life where she had serious doubts about finding that special man. Then she meets former NBA baller and now the iconic head coach of the Panthers in Atlanta, Coach Clayton Dewberry. However; Clayton was enjoying the game of basketball and not looking for love until he crosses path with Jazz. Everything changes within a blink of an eye. Will Jazz find the love she so desired; will Clayton’s heart be filled with lust or love for the beautiful Jazz Halster? Author Jazz Halster has no idea that her life would be scripted this way… The stunning and brilliant superstar agent to the stars Liz James had it all, wealth, a business empire, great kids, and a wonderful husband or so she thought she had it all until one night she meets former NBA baller now head coach at University of Miami Kyle Williams. Was it possible to meet someone once and know that you love them? Kyle Williams thought he had the perfect life, money, played in the NBA, now a head coach in Miami; the other sin city, no nagging wife, and free to come and go as he pleases. That is until he meets Liz James. Was it possible to love someone so deep that you were willing to step into another man’s territory?

Reviews for the Book

Enjoyed the reading. The ending was very surprising. I do feel proof reading was slacking...found a few errors in the book. Otherwise great book. - rita

About the Author: Jeannie Eneh

Jeannie Eneh was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She has always had a passion for writing poems, and romance stories. While she has a creative and active imagination; her favorite pastime is spending time with her family and appreciating the quietness of God’s nature. She is currently writing her 3rd and 4th novel.