This novel has it all. Love, hate, romance, tragedy and humor lightly sprinkled through it; mixing it all together to make this sinister story horrifyingly believable.

Joshua and Amanda Brodrick, brother and sister, grow up in an affluent family, terrorized by an abusive father and a defenseless mother. As they struggle to survive, they long for escape, stability, and love–they find that solace in one another. Eventually living on their own, the two seem to have everything they ever needed.
But their wrongful union produces a child born with hideous deformities, and Amanda and Joshua’s lives take an unexpected turn.
Darkness shades the strange goings on in the Brodrick mansion, as the family begins to live a nocturnal life.
Amanda will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets hidden from the rest of the world. Even if it means shutting that world out for decades.
But secrets can’t be hidden forever. And the world will eventually discover the biggest secret of all:
Who is Luthor
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