Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don

This stand-alone novel reads as though a well skill architect meticulously assembled each piece of detail into a collage, covering all the elements that cut across a human's life- such as sufferings, humor, greed, love, death, and the triumph of the human spirit.
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Book Description:

“There are times when reading that I know why I love books. Luzo’s story is heart-wrenching, relevant to the times and enlightening!” -Taneka (Reading Bug)

There are wars between men in fancy suits and polished shoes who are ruthless type soldiers. When they kill, battlefields are bloodied for protection of family. ‘Men of Honor,’ are their whispered titles, but Salvatore Giacantil’s wears the crown of mafia royalty. When Salvatore’s famiglia is murdered while he is studying abroad, he later returns to the shores of Italy focused on revenge. With an assumed identity as Luzo Palazzo, he rebuilds an empire and adheres to the Giacanti motto; ‘Death to the Enemies of My Family.’ But, when a man lives only for vengeance, he is apt to die loveless.

Continue the ride along in in the epic crime romance series, Alfonzo.
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QUICK REVIEW - mature content reader discretion advised. 4 STARS out of 5 S.W. Frank far from disappoints with this book which is more of a precursor to her Alfonzo series which I adore. In Luzo we get some background on the man himself and an up close and personal look at how he along with two other siblings was left orphaned as children. Luzo Giacanti was sent to France for schooling and was not home when armed men stormed in to his childhood home and massacred his family in Italy. Being the eldest he was left to look after his two younger brothers the only survivors as they each assumed new identities and grew up separately. Eventually the boys come together as men to avenge the deaths of their loved ones in a battle that is still is taking place within the families. Thus the Alfonzo series ALFONZO. I can't say much without spoiling the book or the series that follows it. But I will say this.. Luzo starts in the 1940's and goes up to present day. However the time span more so catches you up to date with what is read in book 1 of the Alfonzo series. And is not so much a play by play of his life. The Writing- S.W. Frank is an AWESOME writer she pulls you in and in some instances spits you out with her writing depending on how she chooses to end a book. She captures the troubled America so well as it fights injustice at one of our low points in history. The Book itself- Luzo is more of a companion novel to go with her established series and I was sad to see it end. Btw, the ending was beautifully written and brought tears to my eyes. The Characters- One thing Frank showed was how deep love for a sibling can truly be. Luzo was a proud man with an iron will and he did whatever was necessary for those he loved. I was a tad disappointed that I did not get little more of Maria but this was not about her the focus was more so the man himself. Getting to know Sophie in the past just made me love her that much more. And her love for Carlo bounced right off the pages it was so endearing. I think it is safe to say that this author gave us what we needed to know and see for now because I am sure more of the past will be revealed in due time.

-- Alexis RealityBites

Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don is Author S.W. Frank's missing link and awesome prequel to her outstanding, Bestselling Mafia Crime Family Saga..."Alfonzo". Ms. Frank takes her Mafia Crime Family brand, that started with "Alfonzo," back to the era where America was deeply rooted in segregation, and discrimination; where Immigrants from other nations were deemed unworthy and less than because of their religion and skin color; where there was no equality and only one race was deemed superior; where politics and the Mafioso was enacting their strengths and powers; where the Germans and Mussolini were dishing out their brand of rule through concentration camps and gas chambers. Wow, Ms. Frank descriptively describes one man's cause and his greatest sacrifice of "Love" for a young Hispanic American woman, to travel the journey of "Revenge." Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don, will have you turning pages and your emotions all over those pages as your eyes tear up at the betrayal and brutal massacre of a father, mother and younger sisters, and later the emotional reunion of Luzo, Carlo and Alberti, the three brothers who suffered this great loss. It is also this reunion that sets plans in motion to avenge the brutal murders, while protecting the Giacanti name and the heir to the Giacanti Dynasty...Alfonzo. Ms. Frank then adds extra spice, with a little more reality as she very intricately describes the emotional journey of Sophie, who believed she had lost her best friends in the massacre, to learn she hadn't, and who travels abroad to college, to secure her independence, and escape her secret infatuation with Luzo. Sophie quickly realizes and experiences first-hand America's brand of discrimination, inequality and hate, by the extremely, unsettling abuse and violent death of her African American college friend. In reality Sophie realizes Love is not always found in the most obvious of places. Ms. Frank's Luzo: Reign of a Mafia Don is an epic story, destined to break boundaries and open doors by reminiscing of a past that is still all too fresh in our minds with the current events going on in the world today. A highly recommended read & another Best Seller!

-- FeversD

About the Author ▸ S. W. Frank

S.W. Frank is a native of New York. The reading and writing bug bit during early childhood along with the love of art and music. A career with the FDNY and a stint in law school as a contributing editor for the law school’s journal were wonderful experiences, but the urge to share with the public the compilation of multicultural tales she’d written over the years, eventually took front and center. The edgy, thought-provoking and fun romances range from crime stories to paranormal. Kick back, settle in and enjoy a titillating dark romance. “S.W. Frank’s stories are like moving images set to prose… thought-provoking reads with a pulse on social issues.” Trish (The Guardian, Gems of Indie Publishing) The author supports adult literacy, the arts, and anti-bullying initiatives. To learn more about upcoming books or trailers, visit Author S.W.Frank’s Official website: YouTube: